How Dirty Is That Dish Towel?

How often should you wash your germy kitchen towels? The answer is not nearly as often as you are probably doing it.

A study looked at 100 kitchen towels from different kitchens. Researchers found bacterial growth in nearly 50% of them. So what. Bacteria is everywhere, right?

Well kitchen towels become wet…and usually stay wet. They also hang creating dark crevices where bacteria like e. Coli and staph live to grow.

Your body doesn’t like those two bacteria and if they invade your temple – you’ll immune system will let you know. You won’t like it, either.

So what can you do about it? Trust and believe in regular washing of your dish towels. How often do you wash your bathroom towels? Throw-in your dish towels to that load. Plus it never hurts to spray it down with some anti-bacterial spray between washes.

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