Gaming Addiction Explained

It wasn’t too long ago, the World Health Organization decided to make it known that addictive gaming is to be deemed a “gaming disorder”. So what’s this all about and why did it deserve a proper title all its own?

The WHO categorizes gaming alongside addictions to alcohol and drugs. Gaming surges the brain the same way with dopamine like chocolate, sugar, or tobacco. So how do you or a loved one know if you have a gaming addiction or “gaming disorder”?

Are you gaming when you should be at work or at? Does your gaming take priority over other activities in your life? Does it interfere with your social activities or deter you from engaging interpersonally? Yes, certain games require you to play with other people – in the same room, down the street, or across the world. This does not count!

Gaming is not all bad. They can help improve hand-eye coordination, they can improve cognitive processing speeds, and they can help improve visual acuity. Yes! Gaming can improve eyesight contrast acuity. If you haven’t tried on gaming for size yet – take the plunge with an PlaysStation 4 Pro. You won’t regret it.

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