Is a #Weed Breathalyzer On the Horizon?

It’s the dawn of a new day! A breathalyzer that detects alcohol and weed is coming to the market. Whether you choose alcohol or weed, this breathalyzer will measure your levels of being too drunk or too stoned.

We currently have simple contraptions for measuring alcohol in breath. Heck, you can get a keychain breathalyzer on Amazon. The interesting thing about weed is that it can delay your responses as much as alcohol. That’s a fact. This could definitely be a recipe for disaster.

The device, developed by Hound Labs, can detect both levels of alcohol and THC in your system. It can detect if someone has consumed marijuana in the last 2-hours based on THC levels in their breath. A trauma doctor says that weed impairment peaks at 2-hours, after consumption.

The Federal Agency investigating whether or not THC is a cause of impairment to driving was unable to come to a conclusion. But for the record, the ER trauma doc was quite certain it’s a bad idea. The reason it was inconclusive? Young men are the highest risk for car accidents. Coincidentally they are also an abundant demographic of weed consumers.

A 2017 report says that 55 million people have used marijuana in the last year or use it continually. That’s almost 17% of the population. The NIH reported that 70% of adults over the age of 18 have consumed alcohol in the last year.

Alcohol is “legal” and the government gives us a stipend on how much we can consume legally. How about weed? It seems to be a favorable lever to decompress and I’m guessing it sparks fewer violent altercations. If they’re planning on drafting a legal amount of consumption – shouldn’t they a) legalize it and b) tell us how much is okay to drive?

Just because you turn a blind eye to the fact it exists doesn’t mean people will stop doing it. In fact, the most light you shine on it, the more educated the consumer. C’mon, Uncle Sam. Be part of the solution, not the “problem”.

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