Is #Dairy Causing Your #Acne?

If you love cheese like I love cheese – Houston, we have a problem. This is only a problem for those of us who deal with acne or rosacea. The front-and-center problem of adult acne may be linked to dairy consumption. Say it ain’t so.

A study finds that the whey protein in skin milk may trigger skin conditions like acne and rosacea to erupt. Science says it’s due to the whey protein. The way skim milk agitates the skin is stemming from sugars which play a hormonal Cascades. This paints a not so pretty picture on our skin.

If you are like me and are willing to put the dairy to the test – the study says it takes about three weeks for dairy to clear your system. At that time you should start to see more improved skin tone and texture. Bring it on!

Don’t let your distinguish palate be the downfall of beautiful skin. Dairy and cheese can be adequately substituted with vegan options. No. Vegan options are nowhere close to real dairy but how can you substitute clear skin? A mask is only appropriate one day of the year.

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