#CBDOil May Treat #Psychosis Symptoms

Every day, more people are warming-up to the idea of medical marijuana. The FDA is finding undeniable benefits to the non-psychotropic aspect of cannabis known as cannabidiol or CBD. A new study has found that CBD oil has effectively treated psychosis-like symptoms in people.

Young participants who experienced psychosis-like symptoms were shown to be effectively treated with just one dose of CBD. The brain abnormalities like delusions were alleviated. Participants who took the dose of CBD also had better cognitive functioning compared to those who received the placebo.

Researchers hypothesize that CBD inhibits abnormal brain activity interfering with cognitive functioning. Psychosis and the symptoms related to it are more common than we realize. The World Health Organization estimates that 100,000 young adults live with psychosis and 33% of the population will experience a psychotic episode in their lifetime.

We already know that severe childhood epilepsy is treated effectively with CBD. A list of conditions are approved to be treated by medical marijuana. Why are some of the most difficult to treat yet silent conditions being swept under the rug despite clear evidence that it can change lives? Let nature run the show and reclaim balance where it has been disrupted.

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