Is Your #JudgeofCharacter As Good As A #Baby?

If a baby cries when it’s around you – it might be trying to tell you something. A new study finds that infants have the uncanny intuition of being able to gauge if a person is a bully or a leader.

Researchers say that babies at the ripe age of 21-months can assess if a person uses fear-based or respect-based power. Babies don’t like the former. Infants stare longer at events that contradict their expectations. If a baby stares at you – you’re probably a bully or wearing something shiny. I’m sort of kidding.

Adults can assess if a person is a bully or a leader but it’s based on life experiences. Would you have thought this was based on a blueprint from when they were 2-years old? This study says it’s hardwired into us to know if something is dangerous and it’s for our survival. A baby’s pineal gland is pristine and unadulterated.

Life events can “calcify” our third-eye, or our special way of tapping our intuition. The part of the brain said to help refine our sense of intuition is our pineal gland. Of course it becomes calcified if you traumatize it enough. Our heart vessels can become calcified by toxic substances, too.

Of course we can’t undo age or remove certain toxins from our environment, whether it’s tangible (elements) or intangible (toxic behavior). However we can minimize toxins we ingest, ensure our iodine levels are healthy, or consume kelp.

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