They #Key to #Aging Gracefully

Aging is something we’re all subject to in the game of life, like sunburn. But luckily some researchers have found a key to slowing the aging process. Who knew we could find the magic potion in the produce aisle at our grocery store and/or Amazon?

So a predominant factor to aging lies in the damage to our cells. This damage is the price of admission because we’re all programmed to die. It’s how the cookie crumbles or, in other words, how our telomeres shorten. Baseball has 9-innings. Football has 4-quarters. We have a lifespan.

Rather than eating a boatload of these magical molecules, scientists have pared down to one key factor. It is called Fisetin, a naturally-occurring molecule that extends health and lifespan. The timing at when a person introduces supplementation of this flavonoid remarkably improves health.

You need not be too weary of supplementing with Fisetin. It’s derived from natural sources like apples, cucumbers, and strawberries. It helps to remove dead cells from the body. Essentially this improves the health cells in the body and improving overall health – even at a later age. No adverse side effects have been reported in studies with Fisetin. What have you got to lose?

At the end of the day, our bodies can stay in top shape but if our brain has checked-out, what’s it all worth? Thanks to a brain scientist, here are some tips to keep our mental health on top of its game. It’s not just about Sudoku. It’s exercising all parts of your noggin!

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