#WaterFasting to the Rescue

According to the source, water fasting could be the end to all ailments that plague the modern day body. If you have a real issue with normalizing sugars in Type 2 diabetes, intermittent fasting may be your fast and free way to kick your hyperglycemia.

According to a study, people with Type 2 diabetes who underwent intermittent fasting were able to resume control of the glucose control without the need for injected insulin. To what do we owe the biological miracle?

In Type 2 diabetes, the real problem is insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone that helps move blood glucose to the muscles. A majority of blood glucose comes from food. So  when people with T2D intermittent fast their need for insulin goes down.

Even Dr. Mercola feels that intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast, may benefit the human body in a plethora of ways. His message is to cut-down on the carbohydrates we consume to help minimize the demand for insulin, hence enhancing our insulin sensitivity.

Dr. Mercola’s plan entails not eating 3-hours before bedtime. Waiting as long as possible before consuming the first meal of the day. Eating fewer carbohydrates, minimal proteins, and copious amounts of healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil. Can you do it? It may cut-back on the insulin you demand and stabiliz your body weight. Why not?

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