#CellPhone Use Linked to Brain #Cancer

It’s likely you’ve heard this headline before but a new study is confirming that cell phone use is linked to brain cancer. Most red-blooded adults (and many teenagers) are equipped with a cell. Now what?

The real danger from the cell phone is found in the radiation it emits. A study that began back during the Clinton Administration concluded that the radiation from cell phones is concerning enough that it can raise the risk of brain cancer.

Although the study was conducted on rats, the researchers found an increased risk of brain cancer in male rats after exposure to high amount of radiation for 9-hours a day. The male rats also had a increased risk of heart tumors.

Some redeeming information of this study is that the levels of radiation inflicted upon the rats is much greater than that for humans, so it’s arguably inflated data. Furthermore, the study used 2G and 3G technology. Nowadays, most carriers have 4G technology, which uses less body-penetrating radiation.

You may still want to do whatever possible to reduce your radiation exposure, understandably. If that’s the case, pick yourself a trusty Bluetooth headset from Amazon. It’s convenient for cell phone use at a distance, listening to Pandora, and ensuring your radiation exposure is minimal.

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