#IncredibleBurger Coming Soon!

If you haven’t heard of the plant-based revolution in foods, you’re missing-out on the biggest secret to health. A company named Incredible Foods is turning people onto the Incredible Burger, one establishment at a time. Now they’re being served in over 5,000 joints!

As our world becomes inundated with less-than-sustainable meat options, this company has set-up to create a fiscally responsible and dietary delightful plant-based meat option. The founders of Incredible Foods are not shunning meat-eaters. They are finding ways to make the foods we love grow with us.

The Incredible Burger has been around for a little while but nowadays, it’s getting easier to access. Reading more on the Incredible Burger, it makes my mouth water. I want to hop out to a White Castle and pick-up a slider. Rumor has it,  Hurricane Grill & Wings, White Castle, and Wahlburgers restaurants carry them, as well. The video on the Impossible Foods website portrays a mouth-watering experience.

If you are still not within arms reach of an establishment that serves the Incredible Burger, never fear! The company plants to roll-out sales to grocery stores in 2019 so you can enjoy the home-cooked flavor of the Incredible Burger.

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