The Reason for #ClammyHands

When we get nervous, our bodies respond accordingly. Because our bodies are highly evolved works of art, our nervous system sometimes makes us sweat in trying circumstances. Why on Earth does it do this to us?

Blame the sympathetic nervous system. Wen we are faced with a “fight or flight” situation, our sweat glands begin to cool us off in an attempt to help calm us down. Otherwise we’re gearing-up to run away. Our fight or flight response cannot tell if we’re running away from a bear or speaking before a crowd. It’s all the same end-result: nervousness.

Although the movie “Airplane” exaggerates the sweat response, many people can relate to the phenomenon of clammy hands. One expert reported that the sweaty palms prove to be helpful by enhancing the grip. Nowadays that makes for a sticking handshake but back in the hunter-gatherer days, it ensured you wouldn’t lose your next meal.

What are some remedies to help mitigate the sweaty palm response? Luckily there are breathing techniques to help allay the sympathetic nervous system. You can always  consider using a little antiperspirant hand lotion or keep a satchel of cornstarch handy (no pun, intended).

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