#Jobs With the Highest #Suicide Rates

Sad but true, the CDC reports that these jobs have the highest suicide rate. Are any of them the jobs you desired as a kid? What are these jobs, anyway? The Center for Disease Control found that jobs related to construction and mining were among the highest rates of committing suicide for men. For women, it was creative fields

An “extraction worker” refers to any professional involved in extracting resources from the ground or the sea. For example, a miner who works in a cold, dark cave might be high on the list. Deprived of sunlight, realizing that it’s unsafe on many levels, it’s understandable how someone could become down-in-the-dumps.   Day-in and day-out, these workers dwell in a dark tunnel of despair.

The reality about construction workers and suicide is that it’s easy to miss. These are young men who don’t require further education beyond high school. Young men are the number one candidate for construction worker jobs. Suicide is the second leading cause of deaths for men between the ages of 25-54. Day-in and day-out, these workers are hitting their heads on a glass ceiling.

Women who hold jobs in a creative field are more prone to depression, thus increasing their likelihood of suicide. This article does a fine job of explaining why a creative brain is more susceptible to depression. Sounds like your creative imagination can get the best of you, ladies.

Nothing about mental health is easy, if you don’t have it. Even once you’ve got a qualified counselor to Sherpa you through the rough terrain of depression and despair, there’s work to be done. If you know somebody struggling with negative thoughts, refer them to a free text line. Just text the word CONNECT to 741741.

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