You Did What With Your Child’s #Pacifier?

Remember that story from years ago when people were outraged that Alicia Silverstone from “Clueless” was chewing-up food and spitting it into her child’s mouth like a baby bird? Well a new study says this saliva technique may be best for your baby’s immune system, in the long game.

Clearly, Miss Alecia read the TIME article on how mom’s saliva boosts baby’s immune system. It’s back! Researchers say that doing something similar to the baby bird feeding technique is quite good for overall health of your child. Nothing beats a robust immune system.

A study found that mother’s who used their saliva to clean their baby’s pacifier, not soap and water, were less likely to have kids with asthma or allergies. Researchers caution this is not the be all, end all way to prevent the development of allergies and asthma. However they do feel it provides promising results.

Oral bacteria prove to be an effective organic way to help catalyze the healthy development of your baby’s immune system. Of course if “mom” has an unhealthy gut flora, you can take proactive measures to fix it up today. Check-out some of the best probiotics to plant a healthy gut flora.

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