Blame Heavy #Drinking on #ColdWeather

On a cold night, do you cozy-up with a hot toddy? That’s the sneaky way to slip some booze into your otherwise G-rated hot water. I’m exaggerating. It’s not specifically about hot toddies but a study does find a correlation to cold weather and heavy drinking.

The study found that people in colder climates spent less time in the sunlight. Less sunlight is linked to more drinking and a greater likelihood of heavy drinking. Is it really the sunlight or is it the cold weather? Good question.

When we’re cold, our blood vessels tighten up – like a clenched fist. This makes us cold and stifles blood flow. Alcohol has the effect of vasodilation, which helps to increase blood flow and warm us up. This could be due to cold weather but it also can be due to lack of sunlight.

Lack of sunlight is also linked to depression. Alcohol has a slight effect of spiking serotonin and dopamine. Obviously if you overshoot the mark and drink till you’re messy, the neurotransmitter spike is all for not. Get a Happy Light. It’s much better for your liver.

Alcohol can be helpful and it can also be hurtful. Even the May Clinic recognizes this fact. Don’t abuse it till it becomes a device of demise. Your liver, your livelihood, and your life deserve the best. Dress warmly Get a Happy Light. Enjoy your alcohol in good company with good measure.

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