#Gifts for #Mom She Really Wants!

I’m sure every household is different but back in the day, mom did all the shopping, wrapping, and set-up on Christmas morning. Thankfully, the Scary Mommy blog has made it easy for all you non-participatory parents out there. Read below to learn what gifts she really wants.

After a long work week she has only a few short hours to recoup energy and restart it all over. Cradling her head with a wonderfully popular cool gel pillow may be exactly the gift she doesn’t expect. It stays cool all night and is said to mitigate any respiratory issues you may live with (uncomfortably).

If she’s looking for a blanket to calm anxiety and quell insomnia, according to its KitckStarter campaign, consider gifting her  a weighted blanket. It’s no wonder this project was funded. It’s genius!

Obviously, I can make random suggestions and trust and believe it’s good for your targeted audience. Checkout the post for a list of the things you know will work for her. Who knows?! Choosing a winner may guarantee you a very happy new year and a great start to 2019. Cheers!

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