#Cost of #Diabetes Too High

The pharmaceutical industry is a faceless robber. Nobody is stopping them, either. Why isn’t the government doing something to protect us from prices that clearly threaten our safety? It’s like homegrown fiscal  terrorism.

One in 10 people with diabetes has Type 1 diabetes. Our only option to stay alive is taking insulin. When you are insulin-dependent and your sugar gets higher, you feel like a battery that loses its charge, by the minute.

As your sugar gets higher, you lose energy. Your cells cannot uptake glucose from your blood without the insulin. Exercise helps to ‘open the door’ but only when your glucose is  somewhat ‘in range’. Once it reaches above 250, you may be in diabetic ketoacidosis, which is like the point of no return. Ancient Egyptians referred to this condition as “pissing evil“.

Why are the pharmaceutical companies permitted to launch biological warfare on T1Ds?  Understandably the lobbyists in Washing D.C. have great power with their wallets but it seems a little unfair when peoples lives are at stake. Control of diabetes “healthcare” destiny sold to the highest bidder. Your money for your insulin or your life.

The US is big  on helping feed the hungry and arresting human atrocities . What about the atrocities of insulin cost taking the lives of young people living with Type 1 diabetes? Without it, they are starving, even if they have access to food. Their bodies cannot use those calories without insulin. It’s biological extortion.

Thank goodness Walmart and Novo Nordisk teamed-up to bring us ReiOn insulin. Regardless of designer insulin, patented formulations to make insulin work faster and longer – Walmart sees the need for people to stay alive, despite the unforeseen hand of T1D. Thank you, Walmart! #Blessed

Dip a Stick for Diabetes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to encourage early diabetes detection to reduce diabetes complications. Until there’s a cure – early detection is our best bet. Do you have high blood sugar? Dip a stick and see! Hold a fundraiser, shop Amazon or donate to us on PayPal.


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