What is #Happiness to You?

If you’ve ever been a victim of your own devices, you may have been caught in a loop of negative thoughts. This can happen to the best of us. This interrupts the brain’s ability to use rational thinking, which inhibits us from making good decisions. The good news is that we can quantify if your personality is an unhealthy one and find ways to guide it back to health!

Our subconscious mind is arguably more powerful than our conscious one. We are subconsciously programmed to ignore “self”. If you take nothing more from this post, think positively at all costs! Better yet, checkout this article to see if you have a “healthy personality“. The kid inside us wants nothing more than a pursuit of happiness. Follow your rational thinking gut.

Experts and laypeople agreed that a healthy personality consists of low neuroticism along with high levels of openness to feelings, warmth, positive emotions and agreeable straightforwardness. So being neurotic, emotionally unavailable, cold, negative, and argumentative is a bona fide unhappy person. Try not to be that person.

Harvard took this finding one step further. Researchers over there asked what kind of happiness do people value most? A Nobel Prize winner distinguished it by asking the question: are you happy in your life or are you happy about your life?

The line in the sand about happiness is drawn in a moment-to-moment versus big picture way. Like the tides in the ocean, everything ebbs and flows. Harvard said that our overall picture of happiness is defined by how we see it. We saw how challenged most of the kids were with the marshmallow test. What does that say about adults? Life is neither a box of chocolates nor a marshmallow. I’m team big picture.

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  3. Happiness is about what to do, actually you want to do that things.

    For some people happiness about travel, eat food, spend time with family, movies and many more.

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