What is Your True #Age?

Have you ever met someone who looked remarkably good for their age? Plenty of us know people who look eons older than their age. Plastic surgery and fillers can plump anybody from a prune to a plum. What’s the organic way to defy the odds?

We all have an established age based on our birthday. That’s your chronological age. But researchers are touting a second age, called the biological or phenotype age. This is a more accurate measure of markers that tell us how healthy we are

Alas, doctors can take measures of your blood sugar, kidney, liver and heart health, as well as inflammatory markers. These are closely tied to our mortality risk. When we’re “off” the markers, it’s looking ominous for our long-term health.

Don’t dwell on the numbers. Although the biomarkers are used to guestimate where we stand on overall health, there are things that can be done to defy the outcome of our phenotype age. Tweaks to your lifestyle, diet, exercise, and sleep habits make all the difference.

Fitness Magazine put up a more detailed article on 10 All-Natural ways to stay young. It highlights the importance of exercise but it also explains the need for a break, the importance of lovemaking (not hedonistic sex), eating fat, and drinking wine. You’re welcome.

The saying goes, age is just a number. Our genes give us an idea of what could happen and what kind of risks we run in certain situations. But the key to your health is absolutely in your hands. Look at this information with a “glass half full” POV. Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. Which do you choose?

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing the wonderful information even I have also heard about only one age which is biological.

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    Thank you so much giving best information

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    Hi very fruitful post in a liter mode my age is 22years.HAHAHA

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