#Alcohol Inhiibits #WeightLoss in #Diabetes

It’s no surprise that alcohol can add empty calories to a healthy person’s life. When you have diabetes to contend with, the added calories from alcohol add-up and make it even harder to achieve long-term weight loss, says a study.

The three main nutrients consist of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Alcohol is classified as a drug, as it’s addictive and your body can overdose on it. It is metabolized in the liver, which is adding insult to injury for people with Type 2 diabetes. Fatty liver disease is a higher risk for people with T2D so drinking alcohol is a bad idea.

When we lose weight, it’s expelled from the body in molecules. These molecules are in our breath, urine, and our sweat. The natural metabolism of carbohydrates is deranged by diabetes. So when you drink alcohol, it’s adding more weight to an already overloaded organ.  

Simple sugars are metabolized quickly but proteins and slow-acting carbs are broken-down and stored in the liver for “time-release” glucose. When a person with T2D drinks alcohol, it’s like putting sand in the Vaseline. It’s icky and less effective.

Now for the study results: in a 4-year study of 5,000 participants, the group that didn’t drink alcohol lost significantly more weight than the group who drank alcohol. See how that inhibits the efficacy of the liver? Do it a favor and do yourself a long-term weight loss favor and lay off the booze.

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