Fastest Growing #Wellness Activity

Believe it or not, the fasted growing wellness activity in the US is meditation. Unless you ignore the writing on the wall, healthcare providers and lay people alike are imploring a movement toward a less stressed lifestyle with a focus on mindfulness.

Prescription drugs are sometimes like a life raft you throw at somebody once they’re knee deep into illness. Meditation is the most proactive measure you can take to prevent anything from going unnoticed in the body. Being mindful allows you to be fully aware of when something feels emotionally or physically off. Call it intuition. You can never have too much of it.

The use of holistic measures, alongside the use of mainstream medicine can help to ensure that health and wellness stay on-point. The holistic options most preferred by Americans are yoga, meditation, and chiropractic  maneuvers.

When we practice meditation, we remove the thought of self from the picture. We are just being. Sometimes, when we dwell on self, thoughts like what needs to be done, what was done wrong, who needs what, why am I doing that… get the picture? It can culminate in the moment for just being to become a loop of negative thoughts. That never ends well.

Darkness is the absence of light. Identify your sources of light and focus on those throughout your day. Learn to live your life lovingly. Avoid falling into a negative loop. Escape to enjoy the silence of mindfulness. It’ll be the best free vacation you can take anywhere!

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