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A #HalfHour Can Change Your #StressedLife

Set the precedent for your day in the first 10-minutes. A gaggle of experts have collaborated on the most calming way to start your day. Start the day on a good note to make sure it plays-out like a symphony. … Continue reading

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#Tylenol During Pregnancy…Hmm

Can the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy have effects on the behavioral health of the unborn baby? Anything’s possible. Tylenol is one of the ‘go to’ pain relievers for pregnant women. When a doctor recommends use of acetaminophen to reduce fever … Continue reading

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@MLG, eSports Are Upping The Stakes!

If you didn’t know this, let me bring you up to date. Gaming is serious business. It is so serious that an organization is calling for drug testing. An accomplished gamer has impressive hand-eye coordination. Put that gamer on a … Continue reading

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Misusing Stimulants to Strive for Success

Over 10 years ago, ADHD drugs to stimulate the brain and enhance focus were becoming a commonplace exchange in college life. As it turns-out, these college students started a trend of illicit use of drugs like Addreall to succeed in … Continue reading

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