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Woodpeckers Can Prevent NFL Brain Injury

Aren’t they majestic? Their hard work requires that they put their body and brains on the line, sacrificing their long-term health. Of course, I’m talking about football players but it seems that we can learn a lot from the woodpeckers … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need #Mosquitoes?

Nowadays mosquitoes aren’t looking like vital players in the circle of life. Apparently being considered little natural nuisances wasn’t bad-ass enough for them. Now what? Do we quarantine travelers? Temporarily cease procreation? Kill-off all mosquitoes? Without mosquitoes, some birds and … Continue reading

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T1D Brain Injury from DKA

Dr. Nicole Glaser is a pediatric endocrinologist at University of California at Davis and an American Diabetes Association funded researcher on Type 1 diabetes brain injury from DKA. Dr. Glaser joins us to speak about her pioneering research on brain injury … Continue reading

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