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Climate Change. We hear about it all the time but how does it affect us? There may be a shortage of grapes for wine, this year. This hurricane season is going to be an active one. Going to South America? … Continue reading

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How #Bugs Can Protect Our #FoodSupply

What could possibly be important enough for the government to get involved? Well, our food supply does take a top fiddle in the show. Sure enough, the government is trying to bioengineer an insect to ensure our crops are protected from… … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame the #Season Being #SAD

Most of us you dread winter, unless you’re an Olympic athlete for a winter event. But according to a new study the idea of sadness in the winter or what is believed to be‘seasonal affect disorder’, is a farce in  … Continue reading

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Are You Close To A #Flood Zone? Learn More @EDF.

If you call New York City home, this TIME magazine piece may give you pause. With the invariable rising sea level, low-lying cities are categorically flood zones. Many of them already wear the dubious distinction as the most expensive zones … Continue reading

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