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The Secret to Longevity – Greek Island Ikaria

TweetWhen the average person lives past the age of 100, you have to wonder what’s in the water. Truly, it seems as though it’s a combination of the fresh food, family and friends, the outlook and the overall way of … Continue reading

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Exercise to Slow T1D Onset

TweetIf only we knew of an effective way to slow the onset of Type 1 diabetes. Starting with this premise, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant at University of Birmingham, Dr. Parth Narendran speaks with me about how exercise may prove … Continue reading

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VBLOC for Diabetes Weight Loss

TweetThe name of this device to trigger the brain of fullness is the VBLOC system. The VBLOC works by transmitting signals of fullness to the brain from the stomach through the Vagus nerve. The VBLOC system is made by EnteroMedics (NASDAQ: ETRM). … Continue reading

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Diabetes Can Impair the Response to Exercise

TweetAmerican Diabetes Association grant winner, Dr. Lauren Sparks, is an investigator at the Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes. She tells me about her work to understand the mechanism of exercise in the body and how diabetes can affect … Continue reading

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Diabetes Coaching with Ginger Vieira

TweetWhether you’re new to diabetes or sick and tired of the disease, diabetes coaching may have something to offer. Diabetes coaching  can help build stronger coping skills, cultivate healthier relationships with food, and make exercise a bigger priority in your … Continue reading

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